We wanted a utility to help out students take notes, including ourselves!

What it does:

Converts your lecture notes pictures into digital text format

How we built it

Using node.js, react, tesseract.js for optical character recognition, and Azure (later changed to localhost); created an interface to submit images from a URL and get back text based on the tesseract.js output.

Challenges we ran into:

Azure didn't accept the same code that our localhost would run React formatting was a challenge to get used to (first timers), and we simplified some of our implementation in order to accommodate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

UI design Syncing Azure to Github Implementing React in a node.js environment

What we learned

How to use some basic features of Azure How to use React Some new features of Git and GitHub

What's next for Lecture notes to PDF

Adjustments to our React code to implement the UI

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