Being in a classroom or workshop setting it most of the time, this app aims to improve the performance for both the instructor and the students. For the students it allows them to electronically ask the teacher to slow down their presentation. For the instructors they are able to immediately understand the student's understanding of the material during the lecture and they are able to go over the feedback after to improve their presentation for next time.

What it does

Records student questions and stop requests during class for immediate reaction and post-class analysis.

How I built it

Used Firebase servers to hold all the data for live integration with our applications and make it into helpful graphs and charts.

Challenges I ran into

Using Firebase was tricky since it is new for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully utilizing Firebase in our hack.

What I learned

Learning d3 and firebase also learning new things with html and javascript

What's next for Lecture Learning

Integration for in class assistance for helpers.

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