Due to the pandemic, most school programs change to online form. We want to create an app that can help students easily transfer to the new way of learning.

What it does

We use the Bingo game to make students feel entertained while still focusing on the online lectures. When the student wins the Bingo, their breaktime will be increased. We also include some ways for students refresh while taking a break.

How We built it

We used mainly Flutter and Android studio to create the app

Challenges I ran into

First know to Flutter and Android studio, we have to spend hours to learn the basic knowledge to code. The logic to create the bingo and make it appears on the app interface was also a great challenge for us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Be able to build most of the app. Get to know Flutter and Android Studio.

What I learned

FLutter, Android Studio

What's next for Lecture Bingo

The app we built focuses on Math. We want to create more subjects like: Chemistry, Biology,...

Built With

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