Tell the story behind the code. What inspired you? Face to face interaction is nowhere more important than a classroom. Teachers find it difficult to go through the lecture, present the material, and have a quality interaction with the students at the same time. Nobody likes teachers to present a lecture with their backs facing the students. One of our team members presented a Startup Weekend pitch with glass hoping that it would be the perfect peripheral for presentations. He was extremely disappointed when he found the best solution out there right now is Evernote. The notes from Evernote were almost inaccessible during a presentation.

Who is your target user? Our initial early adopters will be teachers giving a lecture with a lot of supporting presentation material to go through in the classroom.

What key features are you most proud of? All the information required by a teacher available without losing the focus on students is our core capability. The ability to have a more natural form of interfacing with the device and students during the lecture.

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