When a school makes you pay upwards of $60 for a clicker that is used only a few times after purchase, then there is a good chance that someone is being overcharged, and that a better solution is possible.

There are multiple companies that offer smartphone app alternatives. However, they often come with a licensing fee and additional software.

Lectr.me is unique in that it is one of the rare few (if not only) FREE solutions that exist to the clicker conundrum. Any individual can easily create their own questions and polls and invite others to answer. Professors can use this to quickly integrate with presentations and display outputs using a rich variety of html5 graphing options.

Furthermore, Lectr.me is based completely in the browser, so lecturers and students can access the service on their mobile.devices or laptops without having to install any additional software.

Lectr.me also offers an easily accessable API (not yet public) that can allow developers to utilize all of its abilities in their own personalized applications.

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