We wanted to give professors "live" updates on their lecturing skills so that we could learn better and they could improve their lecturing skills. This way, students (such as college students) can prosper from attending better lectures.

What it does

  • Allows instructors to add classes to the system and share it with students
  • Students sign up for class to give feedback using a class code
  • Instructors can view daily, weekly, and monthly data for feedback for different dates

How we built it

  • Python + Flask
  • SQLite
  • HTML/Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

  • We wanted to put chart representations of the data but we did not have enough time to make it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having a basic program that works

What we learned

  • Practice with Flask and SQLite

What's next for Lecc

  • Chart representations of data
  • Data outlier checking
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