Gains. As individuals with busy schedules, it gets hard to go to the gym, to go to class, and other awesome things they do to graduate, get jobs, and live life. Millennials.

What it does

This android app is designed for people who need a little motivation to get going through their day because the phone vibrates/reacts every so often until you reach your set location. These alarms can be updated anytime and there are features like color themes to fit your aesthetic~
As an added incentive, we'll just donate a few green bills to your favorite charity if you really need a break from your routine! Hehe

How we built it

Our stack consisted of Android Studio backend built on a standard android phone with several Google web services, java, sublime-text, and more for functionality of the application and trendy user interface.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was setting up a work environment, because we had to first learn how to develop android apps and then execute them through emulators.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Starting this project without prior experience building Android Applications. We went over several MOOCs, built 5 other applications this weekend, which culminated in a fully functional & fun project!

What we learned

We learnt the basics of Java, Object Oriented Programming and creating Android applications. We also collaborated using Github and you can check out our work here -

These are some of the applications we built this weekend -
Prototyping with Google Maps -
Creating the perfect Heroes -
Helping you stay in shape -
Sometimes the simple math is the hardest -

What's next for Leave

Learning how to deploy an application in the Play Store. Expanding our app into an iOS application would be our next step, as well as gathering more user data to see what other features we could apply to help people become more productive with their day.

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