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Social media and internet addiction is a real problem facing many young people today. There's a plethora of apps available to help kick internet addiction, ranging from parental controls to internet potty-training. But seriously, these apps suck. While they work (most of the time), they're outdated and don't actually help the user find other things to do.

How it works

The purpose of "Leave" is twofold: to help a user lose their addiction to the internet, and to give a user fun user-created suggestions for non-internet activities.

The app has three main functions:

Progress log

This stores the user's progress so far, favorited activities, and achievements.

Activity stream

This three-item list shows the user things that other users are actually doing, ranging from "visiting my grandma" to "having a snowball fight." The user can favorite activities and/or use them for inspiration for things to do not on the internet.

Big "Leave" button

This is how the user submits activities and progress. The user taps the button and is prompted for what they're currently doing instead of using the internet. The prompt includes a timer, allowing the user to set goals for themselves (30 minutes without internet, 1 hour without internet, etc) and the user also receives in-app achievements at certain time milestones.

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