Pollution in Vietnam due to ineffective waste treatment. Lack of clear, accurate information about types of waste and how to deal with them.

What it does

Provide knowledge of waste sorting and route guidance to recycling, organic and inorganic waste bins

How we built it

We use html, css, javascript, api mapbox

Challenges we ran into

We do not have much actual data on garbage sorting sites. Besides, we have difficulty in technical programming issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have been together for 48 hours to solve the problem of garbage. In addition, we also teach people how to collect garbage

What we learned

We learned to work in groups, knowledge of the types of waste

What's next for Leav

We would like to develop this application on a global scale, in particular the whole world, to improve the problem of waste and environmental pollution today. In addition, we want to improve the look, features and techniques for this application so that users have a better experience when using the product.

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