• During the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing is essential to maintaining public health
  • As laws surrounding health measures change and become more restrictive, it's difficult to find safe public outlets
  • This simple desktop app is designed for users to find safe recommendations where they can minimize contact with others
  • In non-pandemic times, it's also useful for finding non-crowded places to study, or restaurants that are not too busy if you're looking to eat as soon as possible

What it does

Here is the demo part of our project:

How we built it

  • We used the Google Places API to query listings using parameters such as the user’s current coordinates (latitude and longitude) to find local listings, and the distance the user is willing to travel
  • We store the API data using JSON objects which we then as a python dictionary
  • We use information such as business rating, distance, and current popularity to generate a score using our own customized algorithm
  • We then display the top five results to the user

Challenges we ran into

  • Using Tkinter for python
  • Using android studio at the start and trying to build a java application

Accomplishments that we're proud of


Built With

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