We wanted to learn Android development, so we decided to make an app that is a game based on the game knights and knaves.

It is supposed to have multiple options, including an explanation of how the game works, options, and support for the user to choose what level they want to start at. There are a bunch of logic questions that are asked and the more you get right the farther you get in the game.

We tried using android studio and we still haven't figured it out. Android development is very tough so there were a lot of problems. However, we learned a lot about android.

There were a bunch of errors using android studio, also one of us has a mac and for some reason android studio wouldn't compile very well. Whenever we tried to test our app, something always failed.

We learned a lot about android development and having at least some sort of a tangible product.

If you're developing an app for a hackathon, develop for iOS. XCode is much easier to use and actually tells you where your errors are.

We might look more into it and try to get better with android, but we'll see.

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