I was thinking about social good and what obstacles people might face and it sorta just came to me.

What it does

It is a python program that is specifically for visually impaired people how to type. It has essentially three sections: learning the alphabet, practice words, and freeform where you can type whatever you want and it will say what you have typed.

How we built it

We used google's text to speech api and python.

Challenges we ran into

-getting google auth credentials -how to play sounds -program organization

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-you can learn the whole alphabet

What we learned

-google text to speech -working with audio in python -there are less resources than I expected for learning to type for the visually impaired

What's next for LearnToType

-the rest of the keyboard -more teaching content: ex. type combinations jfjf, jdkdj, flskf -user testing to have better dialogue and speech tutorials -using speech to text for the complete beginner, to get the program started

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