We built this project, to solve the growing issues of finding “Tutors/ Guides” who are needed by parents , looking to give their children an edge in their future career by engaging them with professionals in the STEM Industry and helping them learn useful skills. Also, as a Result of the Future of Work, and the role in which modern technology will play in terms of AI taking over repetitive Jobs, and the eventual need for people to upskill themselves.

Also, while there are obviously numerous resources to learn and acquire stem related skills online but a lot of learners still need a guide in the form of a mentor to hold their hand through the learning process. DeepLearn seeks to connect the learners to the willing mentors who they can always reach out to at all times during their learning.

What it does

What it does: Connects students to willing mentors. Provides well curated resources for learning. Reminds learners of their classes, assignments, projects, webinars, meetups and presentations. Suggests articles and additional resources around the web that learners can read to sharpen their skills.

What Makes us Different

Ed-Tech Start-Ups in Nigeria, Such as Tuteria, and PrepClass Focus mainly on offering tutors to Students in Secondary Schools on Secondary School courses, and Universities on related courses also. At DeepLearners, any one, who is enthusiastic about STEM can take a chance at exploring STEM Learning tracks along with a Tutor Guide, either a young Secondary Student looking to explore robotics, or a 25 year old looking to switch careers. We mean to guide you through a developed course Outline, while holding your hand and walking you through exploring and building real life projects, Similar to your own personal coding bootcamp in your home or at your favorite co-working space.

How I built it

It Started with a group ideation session, and then it was followed by the sketching of low fidelity wireframes and then transforming the bare wireframes into the User Interface Design using Figma and then Prototyping for the User Experience, was also done with Figma. This was then handed over to the Frontend Developer, who handled the HTML and CSS, and then the Backend Developer, who handled the Server Setup, Hosting and Finishing Touches.

Challenges I ran into

  • We had a slow start, as we didn't find a FrontEnd Developer on time,
  • We also had delays in delivery by some team members, due to Electricity and Internet Related Issues.
  • We also had problems with setting up the Linode Server

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Was able to effectively Ideate and Communicate effectively with all Team members.
  • We Were able to Complete the Project to a Good Extent

What I learned

  • Gained knowledge on Structuring Ideas and Developing excellent Pitches during the BizSkills Course.
  • Gained Knowledge on the proper use of the Nexmo API,
  • Also, We gained effective communication skills in the building process, while working remotely with a team of four in various regions.

We also Learned the Importance of Team Work and Healthy Relationships in making a successful project.

What's next for DeepLearn

A Mobile Application, which allows for more flexibility in booking appointments and also more ease to have a remote session.

Liaising with companies to connect learners to internships and full time jobs in their fields after their learning.

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