LearnOne is a platform to help online learning be easier. LearnOne is used by students, teachers, and schools to do online school.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online learning platforms skyrocketed. My other inspiration is that my high school's learning platform is hard-to-use and looks sad in color. That's why I'm trying to create a nice in look platform and make it easy to use.

What it does

LearnOne has several features that are:

  1. Join/Create Classes
  2. Classroom page
  3. Creating material and homework
  4. Class code for easier class join

How I built it

I built it on replit and connected it with the GoDaddy Registry for easier website edit. Then I used Python flask to connect python with HTML. I also used the Bootstrap framework for responsive UI. Using SQLite3 for the database.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first time connecting SQLite manually to python because I usually used a tool to simplify SQLite connection. I had a lot of problems with the SQL queries. I'm also bad at designing so I can't make a good UI.

What I learned

The web programming world is REALLY broad. We can't underestimate anything, really. I still have a lot to learn and discover about the programming world.

What's next for LearnOne

  • Much MUCH better UI
  • Authorization with Auth0
  • Android and IOS app ...and more!

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