I was inspired by Google Codelabs' quick tutorials, so I wanted to build something of my own that would teach people something new quickly. And, TwilioQuest's extension template was just perfect to gamify my tutorial.

What it does

This project is a TwilioQuest extension that aims to teach players how to install the dependencies required for Machine Learning, how to build a simple model, train a neural network, and use the model. This extension consists of 3 Missions: one for installing prerequisites, one for creating an ML Model and another for training a neural network and testing it. This has been done so that the player can gain specific skills from each mission, and the project as a whole is more modular!

How I built it

I used TwilioQuest's Extension Template and JavaScript to build this project!

Challenges we ran into

Many parts of the TwilioQuest Extension Template's documentation was work in progress, so I had to figure a lot of things myself. Being a beginner in ML myself, it was challenging to think of ways to teach it. Since I was working solo, it took a lot of time to design learning pedagogies and then implement them in code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Figuring out how to use the TwilioQuest Extension Template in a short amount of time! ## What we learned I learnt that gamification works great for teaching Computer Science concepts!

What's next for LearnML: Twilioquest Extension

I would love to add more validators to the extension; I was unable to work on them due to time constraints. Additionally, I would customize the maps to look better!

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