Inspiration since the corona virus outbreak, our college has been using their website for online college. we found it very boring and makes us less interested. we also think that there might be a better way and more features that could be added to make it easier for both students and lecturers.

what it does To help students around the world or a certain country, can learn from the school by online with easily whereever they want, for staying safe from the pandemic

How we built it the website is built with angular 10 as front-end and laravel as the api (back-end)

Challenges we ran into

  1. all of us does not have any idea about hackathons, as this is our first hackathon, this makes us confused as we have no idea what kind of event a hackathon really is. is this a competition where we must create a good program with short period of time? or is this a competition of creativity?
  2. everyone in our team has different image of the website, this makes us need to review our ideas (consuming more time)
  3. we only discuss the big picture, this impacts us when we were developing the website as to create component A, we also need more components and so our website's feature expanded while we were developing it.
  4. balancing between good UI and UX, and better features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

  1. experience in developing a project with a team, as we usually do projects on our own
  2. We realized how underestimated the time we need to create a feature

What's next for our project

our project git hub angular: laravel:

hosted api: hosted web:

creators email

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