lEarnit is an Android app powered by Paytm which motivates learning in students by rewarding them for studying
It contains various study modules which have a reward amount associated with them.
On completing a module, payment is sent from parent’s Paytm wallet to student’s wallet.


It uses Paytm's P2P payment model which is not out in public yet

  • Both parent and student register on student's device
  • App gets access_token for both of them
  • Student selects a module to solve questions
  • At the end of module according to correct questions the amount that should be received is displayed
  • Student initiates a Request Payment from his device
  • Student enters OTP received on parent's device
  • Money is transferred from parent's to student's wallet


  • [x] Add fields verification in LoginActivity
  • [x] Remove hardcoded strings
  • [ ] Handle both parent's and student's login gracefully (Currently uses hacked solution)
  • [ ] Handle different types of questions (Lack of time forced to use only Single choice questions)
  • [ ] Improve UI
  • [ ] Add frequently searched products over web and show it in wallet section (Currently mocked)


@grgvineet, @aayusharora and @the-dagger

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