My inspiration for this project came when I noticed my sister was out of touch with her school work due to online school and Zoom classes. I realized how problematic this must be for young children especially since they are distracted easily and cannot keep focus for long during online school. Young students in ESL find it difficult to practice talking remotely with their teacher as well. I noticed how there is a lack of platforms for young students to practice basic English skills, as many of them are advanced. Our website makes it fun and entertaining to learn and practice basic English skills.

What it does

Our web application allows students to play fun interactive games to build their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation. Students can practice typing words, speaking words, and listening to word, as well as reading sentences and learning basic English grammar.

How we built it

Used HTML/CSS to develop and style web pages Used Flask framework to write Python code for our application and implement sessions Used JavaScript to implement speech to text and Google API to implement text to speech Used Jinja2 to pass information from Flask to HTML Used Heroku to create Postgres database to store vocabulary words and user information

Challenges we ran into

I ran into problems trying to correctly format the HTML elements in CSS because my code soon became messy which is something I know I need to fix in the future I ran into many problems navigating Flask dynamic routes and passing information between Flask and HTML pages Using Google API and overall trying to understand speech-text/text-speech Creating a game that kept track of user points in a session

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of completing my first Hackathon and successfully using Flask. Additionally, I am proud of the speech to text function using JavaScript. I also like the design of the website as it is very user friendly.

What we learned

I learned a lot about using Flask as a framework for Python. Additionally I learned how to use JavaScript in web development along with HTML and CSS which is something I haven’t done before. Since this was my first hackathon, I learned a lot about time management and brainstorming for coding projects.

What's next for LearningLeap

LearningLeap can implement levels for advanced speakers as well as add games to practice reading comprehension.

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