The Learning Upgrade program consists of online courses featuring songs, video, and games to move every student up to reach proficiency. The goal is to fill in learning gaps and cover all Common Core grade-level standards for grades 1 to 8. Through individualized student courses and whole-class interactive lessons, the courses are designed to deliver school-wide gains in math within one school year on the Common Core year-end tests.

The Learning Upgrade program is web-based, with universal access to courses from today’s learning devices: Windows and Mac (any web browser), iPads (Rover and Photon browsers), Android tablets (Photon browser), Smartphones (Photon browser), and Chromebooks (stock Chrome browser).

Over the next 6 months, we will be transitioning our middle school courses to full common core alignment. The current Math Upgrade 6, Pre-Algebra Upgrade, and Algebra Upgrade courses will be transitioned to Math Upgrade 6, 7, and 8 to match each year’s common core standards. These updated versions of the courses will enable a teacher and student to cover all middle school common core topics. We have already completed the transition to Common Core for elementary grades 2 to 5, enabling intervention review for struggling middle school students. The goal is successful instruction and year-end testing for the common core transition.

The Learning Upgrade program is already proven effective at raising math statewide test scores school-wide in U.S. public school deployments. The program is currently used in over 1,000 schools including all 175 schools K-12 for San Diego Unified (over 60,000 students enrolled). Over 1 million students over the past 8 years have been enrolled in the courses.

The success of the program can be attributed to engagement and tracking. The online courses as high-interest, able to engage even far below basic students including Title I, special needs, and English learners. The program’s use of songs, video, and games has been proven effective in large urban school districts. Also, the program features web-based tracking at the teacher, school, and district level to enable accountability and ensure every student masters every Common Core standard.

Learning Upgrade is already familiar with New York City Schools. Manhattan International School has purchased the program for 3 years, and PS 244 is currently piloting the program. We have an active NYC BOE vendor number / account. Learning Upgrade is capable of scaling deployment from pilot to full district implementation rapidly if needed.

Note: Learning Upgrade owns the copyright for and has created all the content in the courses and the submitted YouTube video, including songs, video, and animation.

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