Why doesn't Duolingo work? The answer is that after a few weeks, everyone kind of just stops going to Duolingo and forgets about it. So we thought, what if we bring the learning software to you and incorporate it into your natural browsing habits? What if - whenever you want to go on Youtube or Reddit or Pinterest to waste time, you are encouraged to take 60 seconds to learn instead? From here, Learning Pockets began.

What it does

Learning Pockets is a chrome extension that takes in a list of your time-wasting websites and encourages you to complete short language lessons before visiting these sites. With most language learning platforms, the user needs to recognize that they have free time and make the decision to direct it towards learning a new language. With Learning Pockets, the language comes to the user when they have free time.

How we built it

We have a chrome extension which stalls blacklisted websites and serves Learning Pockets code along with the blacklisted website. Our graphics were generated with AI (adobe illustrator), and our backend is written in Python.

What's next for Learning Pockets

Right now, we have French lessons set up, but we would like to extend it to other languages and other subjects. We would like to have our platform learn when the user gets disinterested and adjust the frequency and time of the lessons to keep users engaged at their personal comfort level.

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