Have you ever stuck in a situation where you need proper guidance and there is no one to help you around or to solve your doubt and you waste a lot of time in searching video tutorials and reading out documentation and get frustrated??

What it does

By the help of Blockchain technology we bring you Learning Lab(Virtual Study Room) where you can join and create room to solve your doubts. You can share your screen and invite your friends and we also providing real time chatting application where you can post your doubts. You can also make public or private virtual rooms according to you. The idea which makes us unique that you make virtual room of selected topic and allows only certain no. of peoples in a group so that it will create less disturbance. And by solving doubt of others you will get upvote by them and you can put this in your resume which will show case your doubt solving skills.

How we built it

we have used React for frontend , Node JS and Express JS for backend ,Mongo Db for Database Management and Git Hub to upload the project

Challenges we ran into

we Have faced main issue during Real Time Chat Application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a website, our principal objective is to offer the user a platform that allows them to learn and to clear their doubts at the same time. As a result, efficiency will increase and assistance will be more personalized. Through video and chat rooms on the platform, students may clear up any questions they may have and get an immediate response. The platform's ultimate goal is to offer students a setting where they can learn effectively.

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