With the secondary waves of COVID-19 hitting and having a huge negative impact on education, the only way to keep your skills up to date and not waste your time on Netflix would be to learn things you want to learn online. Fortunately, many MOOC platforms were already a fact at the beginning of 2020, giving us the opportunity to do so. By making LearnForFree, our goal is to make reaching out to knowledge even easier.

What it does

An app that fetches free courses from different MOOC platforms. There were a total of 7 different platforms for free courses that we will be making use of, and by the time of the deadline we successfully wrapped 2 (almost 3!) of them.

How we built it

With Python, Django, SASS and lots of love <3 We are currently using, and will be using any techniques in order to get the data, including API calls, pre-saving an index into a file, scraping, and even Selenium!

Challenges we ran into

Time was not on our side, so we couldn't do everything we wanted to. There still are a few platforms to implement.

What's next for LearnForFree

We have maybe picked too ambitious of the task for the time period we were given, but the app is open source and as such, we hope other contributors will join us in the future, too!

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