One of our team member has worked with a startup improving financial literacy to the general public in China. We are very much devoted into educating new generation on basic knowledge as we believe that it is a much-have skill for an adult.

What it does

We have general information and a choice game contained in the website. The game has many storylines depending on your choice at each intersection. In the best case senario, you can earn 1122 dollars with initially $300 given. Financial terms will be explained along the game goes.

How we built it

We use html for backend and javascript for frontend.

Challenges we ran into

We has such a little time to draw such a big picture. One of our coder left midway, which made it harder to do within a time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The storyline we built was very interesting. We are very proud that within a such amount of time we are able to have this storyline and something visual to show. Special thanks to Vanguard for giving us 1st place on HackPSU Fall 2019 for this project!!!

What's next for

We think it should be a useful and fun tool for teens in the US. If we have the opportunity, we would love to develop it further more.

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