💡 Inspiration💡

We concentrated on building a practical solution for mental health concerns and education throughout the brainstorming process. This application was inspired by students worldwide who were unable to access ideal circumstances in their online classrooms or had too much schoolwork to prioritize, making them agitated. We decided to use discord to set up a learning environment that combines the best of both worlds and uses each feature to its fullest potential.

❓What it does❓

Learnezy enables educators to start and run a classroom on their Discord server while teaching as efficiently and rapidly as they would in person.

Our features include /start-session - It sets up the respective Teacher | Student roles in the server

Make Assignments: A simple way for students to notify and monitor completed and upcoming assignments.  Students can be alerted when assignments are uploaded and reminded about them approaching the submission deadline if they create them with our bot.

Assignment feedback: Help students get feedback on their assignments

Create doubt sessions:  Instructors can use it to address students' questions during or after a lecture and during office hours.

Study Groups: Many students prefer to study in groups, particularly when they do not have access to an instructor. LearnEzy makes it easier for students to come together and learn together.

❓How we built it❓

To create Learnezy, we used Discord's numerous advantages for developers trying to develop bots. We used python to create our Discord bot, utilizing the pycord package. Because the pycord API is highly comprehensive and covers nearly every aspect of the platform, we used all of those features to create as many useful commands as possible.

We used Flask, Python, HTML/CSS, JS, and Bootstrap to create the website.

🚧 Challenges we ran into🚧

Because half of our team members are new, there were a lot of hurdles along the road. We encountered a lot of pitfalls and limitations in our implementations.

However, through overcoming these challenges, we earned valuable experience.

✅Accomplishments that we're proud of✅

We are thrilled to have put together a solution to assist students in minimizing their workload and learning well. We believe that our application will help to improve education throughout the world by giving students and educators greater educational possibilities. We are glad that we managed our time and features to finish our tasks swiftly and on time.

🙋‍♂️What we learned🙋‍♂️

Throughout the hackathon, we learned a lot about web design, Python coding, dealing with Discord bots, and how to manage our limited time effectively. This project taught us how breaking down a problem into smaller pieces allowed us to tackle it by focusing on it.

Finally, we learned a lot from one other and Hawkhacks during the weekend.

💭What's next for Learnezy 💭

We intend to expand this platform and work with consumers to make it a genuine free product that benefits everyone while introducing new features and other improvements.

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