I have always wanted to tutor others but I always have obscure schedules so helping other learn is not alsways avavilbe.

What it does

It connects a user with other students or teaches and they can chat and students can quickly pay the tutros for their service and also get a certification that they were taught by someone skilled

How I built it

I use react native fro the front end to make an android app and then stripe to handle all the payments and firebase to store accounts and other neceessary data

Challenges I ran into

The only technology that I was use to is firebase and all the other technologies were new to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to functioning market place for education with tools I have never used before in such a short time.

What I learned

I learn more about react-native, the ease of stripe, and to take a break at hackathons because taking a break, like by walking or going to help others with their app, will help you relax to come back to tackle the problem.

What's next for Learnet

Next is to get official certification from coursera so people can be confident they are being taguht by those who know their stuff.

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