To create the best virtual classroom for teaching, training or collaborating online.

What it does

Teach, Train or Collaborate with ease with our Virtual Classroom

  • Group video 1-24 participants -No downloads or plugins all browser based (chrome, firefox)

Real-time collaboration for the following media. -PDF -Websites -Video -Images -Google Docs

How I built it

Improved our existing product and broadened use cases thanks to the improvements made by adding WILL.

Improved handwriting and free drawing using WILL. Python backend, pubnub for real-time actions, front end is a mix of jQuery and Angular, opentok for streaming video, fabric.js for html5 canvas interactions.

Challenges I ran into

Had problems doing real-time sync, rather than streaming each change directly opted to send and redraw each stroke. tiny delay, but less lag when sending messages over sockets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Huge improvements in writing on the digital whiteboard, enhanced our existing product and solves the use case for learning to write "character" based languages.

What I learned

We have a much broader range of use cases we can use this product for (Teaching maths , graphic art collaborating, corporate training, general education)

What's next for LearnCube Virtual Classroom - Wacom WILL Edition

Piloting the product in 3 schools in China next month also will add the ability to use any touch device(phones and tablets) as a graphic pad to write onto the whiteboard.

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