Learning about complex models or human anatomy is not an easy task. Books and video doesnt give an immersive and realistic approach. Student is all left with its imagination power which can vary for person to person.

What it does

LearnAR helps analysing models in right approach. Students don't need to imagine. All that they require can be right on their table with this application. They can see models from any angle they want to, see the working and learn about different components of it.

How I built it

Vuforia SDK provides Augmented Reality support to each and every smartphone which enables this application to run hasslefree. Unity3D, C# and Vuforia support help built this application for the betterment of education system.

Challenges I ran into

Animations for working of each and every model and dismantling of machines was a problem. It took more than than expected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy that the application runs smooth. Finally that it is build and ready to use, be it for limited number of models but it works great. My youngers friends who are in school found it great and even teachers use it to explain heart and brain model.

What I learned

Augmented Reality is a vast domain where possibilities to build products is endless. Learning with AR is a whole new experience that one can go through.

What's next for LearnAR - Learning Made Easy With AR

Cloud feature and ML integration in LearmAR can make is easier and smooth running. Model augmentation an be generalised with it.

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