Learn2Earn - A decentralised learning platform where you get paid in crypto for learning


A lot of e-learning platforms(like Coursera, EdX, Udemy) have really nice content but as learners, we are often asked to pay a lot to learn from these platforms. At the same time, these companies get access to a lot of our data, analyze learning habits and try pushing content that suits their needs the best. They keep increasing their valuation but as learners, we are never incentivized(apart from learning something new & getting a certificate that costs at a lot in the first place).

At the same time, Cryptocurrencies have become a buzz word but not a lot of people know exactly what it is. Hardly 4% of the world's population owns crypto. Crypto is powerful and its true power lies in it being decentralised. It being a new and emerging topic, we thought why not build a platform where newbie enthusiasts can come and learn something new about different cryptos while getting paid in cryptos for learning too??

Our aim is to incentivize learning while getting more people to learn about different cryptos to make informed buying and selling decisions.

What it does

The platform is a one-stop-shop for all things crypto. You can learn about any every crypto on our platform and when you complete learning about a particular crypto, we pay you 100 $LEARN tokens for the efforts you put into learning and becoming a more informed person.

How we built it

  • Wrote a solidity contract where we create our own crypto $LEARN. Took some help from Open-Zeppelin and deployed the crypto the Fantom Opera Network.
  • Wrote a simple Flask backend for smart contract interactions, where the only mode of authentication is Metamask - this is to preserve data privacy. We do not store any user's personal data as we have no access to any personal data.
  • Connected the flask backend to frontend using HTML, CSS and JS. JavaScript is our main part for metamask connectivity.
  • Used web3 modules in JS and Python(Flask) to perform all blockchain related functions.
  • Deployed onto Heroku & GCP Cloud Shell and also linked a .tech domain !
  • Users can choose to do any course on our platform for free and they get paid in our native token for the time they spend on our platform. This functionality is handled using python code that interacts with the smart contract.

Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting the frontend and backend to the metamask wallet proved to be extremely challenging. It took us a while to figure things out.
  • We went with Python instead of React for our web3 usecase. Using React would've simplified things for us as the support for web3 module is more robust in React.
  • While creating our crypto, figuring out the right tokenomics proved to be extremely challenging and took us a while.
  • One major issue that we faced and still face is that when we get the user address from metamask, by default in certain cases, all the characters in the wallet address turns into lowercase letters which cause some checksum errors. We have found a temporary workaround for this but a more permanent one will be found soon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting our own crypto out there for anyone to buy and sell. People can buy our crypto ($LEARN) on various DeFi platforms like SpookySwap and SpiritSwap by entering the contract address.
  • Giving our crypto an actual monetary value by adding liquidity into the Liquidity pool. This was a major accomplishment for us. (1 LEARN = 0.00000306416 FTM)
  • Connecting our frontend and backend components well enough to actually interact with metamask and web3 components.
  • Build a complete product that could actually help more people get into cryptos and make informed decisions while being incentivised for learning.

What we learned

  • The biggest takeaway for us was the part where we learnt how to connect the frontend and backend for a web3 application.
  • We figured things on the go even if it meant it took some time, but we learnt how to manage time to build and submit a complete product.
  • And ofcourse, we learnt how to create our own crypto, get it verified on ftmscan and actually give it a value by providing liquidity.

What's next for Learn2Earn

  • The potential for Learn2Earn is huge.
  • First we intend to make sure that our entire codebase is secure and probably submit an audit.
  • We could partner with various cryptos out there and get their content on our platform - a certain payment could be taken from these companies in their native tokens.
  • We could partner with schools and academia to use our platform for quizzes and other purposes (could be a little centralised).
  • We could also build a dashboard where people can see how many $LEARN tokens they've earned to-date and currently have in their wallet.
  • If we get some initial funding, we could provide liquidity and help increase the value of the token.

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