Our goal is to help create a community of aspiring young coders and give them the tools they need to achieve their dreams. By fostering the ambition of brilliant young minds and immersing them in the world of coding, we can help them become the future leaders of tomorrow.

What It Does

Our belief is that if children are not able to go to school, it is our responsibility to bring the school to them through our E-Learning platform. Our platform acts as a go-to site for those unable to access a conventional education so that they are able to get the resources they need to help them achieve their dreams. While reducing the costs normally associated with educational institutions such as tuition, books, and supplies, Learn2Code is able to work with international governments to adopt this E-Learning system to give children access to the education in coding they deserve.

How We Built It

Using Brackets as a source code editor, we created the website filled with tutorials and games and used CSS for the design. The games were coded using Python in Pycharm and are available to download through the website. There is also the ability for "clients" to get in touch with us to reach out for help.

Challenges We Ran Into

This was our team's first website and we began this with no prior experience in web or game development. Essentially, we learned all the concepts from scratch in order to create the website and games.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We started this competition in order to teach ourselves the concepts of web development and were able to create a wonderful program for our first time.

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