The whole google assistant concept was cool to me, I felt if students have a friendly assistant like Siri who exposes them to courses and monitors their progress, the desire to learn would increase.

What it does

Andy encourages students on the need for learning through daily challenges, daily reminders to learn a course and things like that. Andy also exposes the students to online courses on youtube and other learning platforms.

How I built it

We (It was team work) built it using HTML and CSS for the front-end design but the brain of Andy that understands what a user inputs and gives similar results was built with basic JavaScript and JQuery. Then all informations like login and signup informations were done using xampp database server and php

Challenges I ran into

The timing was a little bit little because i had to toggle between school, work and this project, it was just too stressful

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have finally been in a team that created a super responsive site and an low-budget artificial intelligence.

What I learned

I learnt the importance of team work. I learn't more on how javascript works.

What's next for Learn With Andy

Andy will be introduced to schools so that learning will be fun.

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