LEARN WITH AI TEAM MEMBERS – Roy Anguiano, Mila Antonova, Katha Chanda, Charlie Wang

  1. PROBLEM STATEMENT: give a brief overview of the problem that your project aims to solve.

In a typical class of refugee children, classrooms are overcrowded and resources such as textbooks are limited. Teachers are not always able to provide equal individual attention to students, and each student is unique. Some students have an educational edge, while others are already behind their peers. With threats such as violence, or needs of additional income for families, schooling becomes erratic. As time progresses, the bottom quartile are most at risk of significantly falling behind their peers, and they are most at risk of dropping out.

Our solution empowers young girls to take control of their own education by providing positive interactive reinforcement with the complementary material on-hand - textbooks - to help the students bridge the gap with their peers. By using our solution. which provides the ability for students to receive additional support at their own pace and time and on an as-need basis, these young millennials will be prepared to pursue a better life in the future.

  1. SOLUTION OVERVIEW: give a brief overview of the technological solution you intend to create

The solution is a mobile-focused application called TA-AI that is easy to use, playful, and motivates learning. Content in the app primarily focuses on readings (such as from textbooks) that are pulled from curriculums when available and can be enhanced or even replaced with content provided by the teacher to be personalised to that specific classroom. We harness artificial intelligence to power the application, which serves as the heart of TA-AI that auto-generates questions and the corresponding answers from the corresponding text to reinforce the student’s reading and learning and help the student build the confidence that they understood the text. Immediate, reinforcing, and encouraging feedback is provided by TA-AI. TA-AI also provides additional positive reinforcement through the unlocking of gifs, comics, pictures, quotes, or anything else fun through the completion of answering the questions.

We recognise that the technologic infrastructure at refugee camps may be limited, specifically with regards to the lack of regular access to Wi-Fi. With this in mind, we have built TA-AI such that it can be run entirely offline. This constrains us in implementing certain modules such as a precise and fast language translation, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text conversion because the start-of-the-art systems require an active Internet connection. However we have the framework built such that it supports the addition of these modules when the Internet is available.

  1. AUDIENCE: who is the intended audience for your solution? Be detailed (i.e., “CHIMEApp will target 12-18 year old women in India…”)

Our application will engage young girls between the ages of 7 and 12. We came across many stories of girls in their mid or late teens who’ve missed years of schooling and are too unmotivated or possibly embarrassed to go back to school. Acknowledging the importance of education at all ages, we target our application to the pre-adolescent age before marriage or other circumstances impede their education so they can grow up having more control over their lives and decisions.

  1. WHY IS THIS SOLUTION UNIQUE? what makes this solution different from other options in this space? Unlike many applications that provide high school and university level online education, our application is specifically tailored for a younger audience and does not intend to replace schooling but to complement the classroom material and even compensate for irregular attendance. The application can be easily scaled to provide a large variety of content with very little human effort. Because our bot is built on artificial intelligence, each user’s interaction will be unique and material presented can be customised based on difficulty levels.

  2. PROJECT MILESTONES: What do you plan to have done by 10pm on Saturday? By midnight? How will the time be spent on Sunday?

10 pm Saturday: have the framework together for the app Midnight: have the chat deployed on the app Sunday: 8 hours spent on making the chat functional and fun

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