Who are we

LearnTogether is a social online course platform that aims to boost course completion rates with peer-to-peer accountability.

Problem Statement

We have chosen the Education theme. Online courses today have minimal accountability. You take these classes alone. You can stop at anytime as you please. You could watch 4 weeks of content in a day and none the rest of the week or watch just one video a month. Needless to say, both are not productive towards learning.

Our Hack

Our idea is for students to take online courses together in which the same group of students commit to take scheduled weekly classes concurrently. Much like you would if you were in school but there isn’t a live teacher. And our hack facilities the organization of these meetings and matches people with the intention of completing the same courses.

Making learning effective

With peer-to-peer accountability, students are more likely to complete courses and hence education is more effective.

Making learning more exciting

Students are not alone when taking classes on our platform. They can make friends and discuss problems faced on class content. This makes learning more exciting.

Making learning more safe

For some, the lack of an authoritative figure, like a teacher, creates a safer environment for them to voice out their concerns and queries.


Zoom fitness classes where groups of stranger gather to meet up on Zoom to exercise. "...it definitely was not the same as being in a group workout but it's the closest thing I've experienced to it since my last IRL studio workout in February. Just the idea that I wasn't the only person doing the workout live made me feel like I was in a real class and gave that extra push and sense of community I'd been missing."


As an additional motivation, we believe that online learning as a remote social activity is more than ever relevant in a covid 19 climate where outdoor social gatherings are still restricted and people are finding it otherwise difficult to socialize.

Working Details

There will be 2 roles on our platform: the participant and host. The host will be responsible for creating the Zoom meetings via our platform, streaming the class content as provided and conducting Kahoot quizzes. Participants join and commit to take a course at a scheduled timing every week or may vote for a more preferable timing to take the class. To-be-hosts can pick time slots based on which one has the most votes i.e will have the highest turn out.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the new and enhanced alternative way to taking online course. We want to onboard content providers like Universities to offer their classes on our platform because they see that our way is better.

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