We wanted to change the education industry with new ways to share ideas through online social media. We have an online e-poem creator tool for kids to use and at the end to share their poem through SMS/text. We wanted to make it easier for teachers to help students learn from each other while simplifying the teachers task as well as encouraging teamwork in a class room environment.

Our program allows students to enter their desired poem line by line and submit it. After they are done submitting they can share their post with friends using text. Once you click the share button, our software will text a friend's phone number the exact same poem you just created.

We used JavaScript for taking in input,HTML5,and CSS for the design of the web pages. We modified Standard Library's API to send the users input through text to a specific number.

As beginners to programming our group ran into a bunch of challenges such adapting to the absence of a group member,learning new languages,and having only two programmers for our project.

We are very proud about learning new languages such as HTML,CSS,and JavaScript and implementing them to our program. We attended a multitude of workshops and tried to apply them to our project. Our logo was drawn in chalk and went through many iterations to seem more kid friendly. Our group was able to modify the Standard Library's text message API to make sharing poems possible.

Our company hopes to implement e-books and add new features to it by implementing text to speech and converting text into different languages and catering to the disabled.

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