We were inspired by the flash games, Learn 2 Fly and Hedgehog Launch in their game mechanics.

What it does

It simulates a rocket launch into space, letting the user manage a budget to prepare their ship for the various hazards of space, specifically the conditions of each planet.

How I built it

Processing - Java

Challenges I ran into

Math, and combining upgrades and researches to make sure they were split apart. Also, making sure that the planets fit on the map without being too out of proportion.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looked decently like what we visualized.

What I learned

Computers lag, and can be mistaken for a bug which can waste time and cause frustration.

What's next for Learn to Launch

More features including weather conditions and other events leading to the option of skipping a day for a better chance the next. We could expand on the features of the planet, letting the rocket explore each in depth. Collectibles can also show up in outer space and lead toward research options and more learning. Launching from different planets and even outside our solar systems.

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