We knew we wanted to work with hardware and make a game. Additionally, we really wanted to use Microsoft's technology and thought people flapping around would make a great sight. Naturally, the Kinect lets us combine those desires we had and thus Learn to Flap was born!

What it does

Think Flappy Bird but you need to flap your arms to keep the bird aloft and tilt your body to not crash into trees! You can also upgrade your bird to keep him/her aloft for far longer.

How I built it

Unity! And scripts written in C#. And lots of looking silly in front of other teams while flapping in front of the Kinect.

Challenges I ran into

Only one of our team had used Unity before so the three other team members needed to learn on the fly and none of us had ever programmed with a Kinect before. Additionally, our first couple ideas for projects ran into insurmountable technical snags (turns out VR needs some really, really beefy computers) so we were pressed for time from the very start.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out making the bird's wings flap. Procedurally generating trees as we go through the level. The amount that we were able to learn in 36 straight hours of caffeinated programming/development.

What I learned

Nothing in Unity _ ever _ works on the first try.

What's next for Learn to Flap

More upgrades for our little bird, matching the wing flap animation to player's arms, actual win states and progression.

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