We were inspired to make textbook learning more tangible and interactive for young kids. It is a proven 2020 study that tech improved kid's ability to grasp and concentrate in learning! We wanted to put that study in action, and decided to use AR to make a fun experience to the regular reading routine

What it does

Our App uses EchoAR to produce models and cast it on top of textbooks. Our goal is to make it easy to quickly use a phone to scan images and show fully tangible 3d models in AR.

How we built it

We used EchoAR to render models and practice AR within Unity. The SDK was beneficial to creating an easy cloud-based environment for our models! We then used the Unity framework to create a User Interface and put our models on display!

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, with the lack of time and resources, we were unable to get our scanner to function within Unity. Given some time, we hope to continue the hack and create an application with all capabilities needed for our vision!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make due with our errors and still get a working .apk for the program! We also love the time and effort used in creating our designs and concepts, which we think will be beneficial to the future of education

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to use Augmented Reality plugins in Unity, and got a close familiarity to EchoAR and team communication

What's next for Learn Smart AR

Create a standalone application with resources to help kids and classes better understand Anatomy, Astronomy, and beyond!

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