Eat less/exercise more – simple advice yet we’re an overweight nation. Spend less/Save more – simple financial advice, yet just as hard to follow.

Learn Money addresses the challenge of creating good financial plans and habits. Learn Money engages the user and provides advice in their financial world. More importantly, it provides a learning environment to navigate and understand the complex world of finances and their implications – fundamentally changing both their long-term and short-term behaviors and decisions. Learn Money starts with a high-level view – your big-picture of your financial situation. Then, you can drill down and explore ‘what if’s’ for your financial dreams and future. You add more details as you learn, getting a clear picture of where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. Learn Money gives you the context, ideas and immediate feedback on what to do, links to relevant information, links to community discussions on the topic you’re exploring and more. Learn Money looks at your financial intent and outcomes, not just the data.

The app is simple, straight forward and has a personalized approach to improve consumers’ financial plans. It is targeted for a range of people – from late 20’s through retirement – from a savings focus to debt management – the people who manage their own finances, and need to plan and manage their financial future.

It’s a mobile application, so wherever you are – on the train, at your desk, waiting to meet a friend for coffee - you can try out an idea you’ve heard and see how it changes your financial picture. Come back in a week or a month and continue to explore with new ideas or new financial information. Each time you use Learn Money, you will learn more about your finances, your situation and what’s available to reach your goals.

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