In a recent conversation with a researcher at our university, they said the hardest thing for refugees is the language barrier bc they are stuck at refugee camps and have all the skills to do jobs but can't find work due to so.

This strikes home with members of the team as we come from a variety of backgrounds including being international students, children of immigrants, and immigrant allies. We wanted create a language equity gap-closer as an easy-to-use application with a modern interface that allows educators flexibility to interface with learners through quizzes and download and recap their videos.

Aside from teaching English to refugees, we wanted this application to translate any form of learning to languages bidirectionally, further equaling the playing field.

Problem statement

The language barrier is an obstruction to many forms of learning. People should have access to knowledge universally, regardless of what language they speak.

What it does

LEARN.LY is a realtime translator via a video cast from educators to learners. It allows people to do fun quizzes and interact with the educator. Think of something along the lines of worldwide interactive Kahoot-Khan Academy.

How we built it

  1. Research educational equity
  2. Problem statement
  3. User personas
  4. User experience flows
  5. Low + high fidelity prototyping
  6. Distribute development tasks
  7. Create pages one at a time with React + ant-design and Javascript
  8. Set up Python, Firebase, Netlify, Node.js, Express.js
  9. Test translations things

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges included handling three backends (node.js, Python, and Netlify), synchronous playing between transcription and video feed, and creating user flows that were actually within reason of being completed.

Built With

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