I was thinking about creating an app where students can learn by visualizing them. So, snapkit gave me some hope and I got started with this project. Since, Covid started students can't go to school and visually see and learn the topics which are in their syllabus. So, I thought of creating an app like this.

What it does

Learn it helps students to visually see and learn. Let's say they are learning about Earth how it rotates and revolves. So, Snap Lens while show them how this all things work. How Earth revolves around sun and rotates and we get day and night. Like this for every subject we can add lens and then they can go for quiz which will mark their progress in academic and in their life too.

How I built it

  • I started designing UI for app in Adobe xd.
  • After creating some UI designs and finalizing Color palette, I started making UI in android studio
  • Simultaneously, adding functionality into app and then thinking of new topics to add into app.
  • Creating 3d model for Earth and Sun.
  • Exporting and importing the 3d model from blender and lens studio.
  • Now, connecting lens with android studio.
  • Profile section included into app and connected with firebase
  • Adding quiz section so that students can learn and also see their progress. ## Challenges I ran into
  • College hours 6-7 hrs are given to college. 😅
  • Snap lens id to be unlocked permanently took time.
  • College started exam suddenly so some features haven't been added which were planned. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  • Adding lens in app.
  • Connecting app with Snapkit
  • Creating an app which helps kinds to grow their mind, Be Creative!
  • being a participant and successfully submitting project in this hackathon ## What I learned
  • How to add lens into android app
  • Firebase Integration
  • Got more into Kotlin ## What's next for Learn it
  • Adding Stats i.e. Daily streaks, Medals after each milestone
  • Friends i.e. Adding followers and following feature to compete with friends.
  • Teacher adding notes via Broadcast to all students
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posted an update

There is a mistake I made while submitting the project i.e. I added existing. Actually, this app is fully created during snapkit challenge. After, submitting the project, I forgot to add logo into this and I wanted to update so that's why this existing came up if possible, can I change it to new?

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