Though been a user of various social media, we as a team realized this issue of the inability of relevant content in the platforms, additionally we found this huge problem of propaganda-oriented posts and contents in the platform. Inspired by the belief in solving the problem we come up with our project "Learn-Ect".

What it does

"Learn-Ect" is a smart educational social media platform that aims to revolutionaries the current orientation of platforms such as Facebook(Meta), Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Here we provide a new way of connecting with people through the topics of interest. We promote equality so do we not show any gender identification in the platform, the advanced Lear-Era provides you to search across 1000+ free courses and resources. With our AI feeds, we only allow the hate-free and knowledge-oriented posts to be shared across, and with the help of our smart bot TWIN we aim to counter the issue of loneliness. Though this is not enough, we are up with a new way of indexing, where you will be ranked based on your interests and contributions to that particular search topic.

How we built it

We decided to use the trustworthy APIs of Auth0, Google Cloud, and Dialogflow for the authentication process, execution of real-time interaction, and deployment of smart bot respectively. Though the front-end consists of HTML5, CSS, and javascript basically, we have used the basic Jason files for the data incorporation. We have additionally used data structures to implement the management of connections, as well as used custom python for the implementation of AI and ML.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we encountered were setting up and learning different technologies. We switched our tech stack a few times during the project requiring us to translate code into different languages. Applying Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text modules was a bit tricky. Though the module was completely new we have created everything from snatch and the most challenging task was to put everything together working and compile the final product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to create a working and useful resource in the form of educational social media. We have learned so many things and by attending wonderful workshops we have discovered a new perspective of growth.

What's next for InformPlatform

In the near future, we plan to grow the project by developing a cross-platform application using Flutter and by. advancing this current website. We are also planing to take this forward and launch this as a start-up company.

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