Many countries, despite having significantly increased access to education for their children and youth, now realize that they are facing a learning crisis. For instance, when grade 3 students in Nicaragua were tested in 2011, only half correctly solved 5 plus 6. And in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, when grade 3 students were asked recently to read a sentence such as “The name of the dog is Puppy,” three-quarters could not answer what the dog’s name was. Examples like these from around the world underline that schooling is not the same as learning—even though education policy often assumes that it is. World Bank BRIEF JANUARY 17, 2019

What if every child can have their own personal teacher?
What if we can truly tell when learning has occurred and a subject has been committed to long term memory?

What it does

LearnBot acts as a study partner and a friend to chat with in terms of learning.

  • It asks you question about what you've learned
  • It tracks how many questions you got correct and how fast you answered correctly
  • Using the open-source spaced repetition algorithm developed by Dr. Piotr Wozniak, LearnBot tracks the optimal time for your next practice to commit the lesson too long term memory

There are two reasons why

  • It contributes towards a global effort to accelerate more and better investments in people for greater equity and economic growth.
  • It ensures that learning can be tracked and drivers of learning can be discovered. With the help of AI, LearnBot can be personalized to the specific learning needs of every child.

How we built it

We built the UI with Wordpress and built the chatbot with python and Snatchbot chatbot deployment platform.

Challenges we ran into

Agreeing on a design for the project and building the chatbot

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating the chatbot into the UI of the site

What we learned

  • How to build chatbots
  • How to build servers on Linode
  • Setting up a development workflow with git, local and remote server
  • Somethings about User Interface Design
  • Business skills. such as building a team, coming up with ideas and validating them.

What's next for Learn Bot

If we get the funding we are ready to start building more lessons for the bot and testing the app in the real world to see how students and teachers are going to react.

Take Away

One Teacher Per child - It's possible.
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