Every child has the right to learn. Many governments and non-government organizations in the world recognize the importance of education. In India right to education is a fundamental right. It means that every child between the ages of 6 and 14 has a right to free and compulsory education. Although a major challenge towards this is the lack of quality education in schools in rural areas. This is mainly due to the lack of trained teachers, lack of proper learning materials, and poor infrastructure in schools. According to UNICEF, approximately 617 million children around the world are unable to reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and Mathematics. Out of these two-thirds of them are in school.

What it does

There is a huge gap in the quality of education in Urban and Rural schools. Students in Urban areas have access to better schools, private tuition, and libraries. Quality educations are also difficult for students with disabilities. Learn@Home aims to bridge this gap in education. Students who don't have access to quality education can learn various topics on our website at the comfort of their homes. All they need is an internet connection and a willingness to learn. With the internet reaching even remote places of the world, online education becomes a major player in educating today's youth. Students can study various topics from our catalog and test their knowledge with our topic wise quiz.


  • Choose different subjects from the catalog.
  • Study different topics available.
  • Test your knowledge by taking a topic-wise quiz.
  • See detailed quiz result.

How I built it

Technology Used in the project:

  • Programming Language: Python
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Flask
  • IDE Used for Development: PyCharm

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge that I faced was to choose a tech stack that will be best for implementing my idea. Moreover, I am an open-source novice so learning basic Git and GitHub techniques were quite overwhelming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This being my first hackathon. I am very proud that I was able to build a project from scratch. I learned many technologies that I can definitely use on future projects.

What I learned

  • Challenges faced by students in learning and receiving a quality education.
  • Various technologies like Git, Python, Flask, etc.

What's next for Learn At Home

There are certain features that I would like to add to Learn@Home

  • Registration and login feature.
  • Detailed quiz result with performance graphs.
  • Leaderboard
  • Option for students to write and post blogs on the portal.
  • Rewards to users in the form of gold/silver/bronze batches.
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