We wanted to find an interesting use for the Nessie API, and after throwing around several ideas, we merged them all together into Learn. Yehya's little brother uses IXL learning to practice for school, which played a role in us taking the app in a specific direction.

What it does

Learn is an allowance management platform that helps kids achieve. Parents log in to the app and set a weekly allowance for their kids. The kids then complete online academic challenges to earn the allowance at a rate set by the parent. Kids can then spend their allowance directly through the app, submitting orders to Amazon (their Amazon wishlist is displayed in app) that are first queued for parent approval.

Learn rewards kids for growing their education. Learn helps kids understand real-world money concepts, involving saving, spending, and goal setting. Learn introduces kids to managing their money digitally. It makes learning intrinsically and extrinsically rewarding.

How we built it

The project has three parts: a React web/mobile front-end, a node.js backend, and a vanilla JS chrome extension. The chrome extension plugs into online learning platforms such as IXL to validate the kids' answer choices. The data tracking the kids' performance is sent from the chrome extension back to the node server. The server forwards the data to the web/mobile app, where kids can see how much money they've made and spent updated in real time, along with other relevant info (such as how many more problems they need to solve). When a purchase is made, the node server handles the request to the nessie api, adjusting the account balance.

Cool tip - we didn't use Github. The project was deployed on

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just the two of us made a completely functioning, real-time updating app in 24 hours, while also spending time with our friends on campus and getting a full night's sleep. What's not to love?

What we learned

It's worth sitting and waiting for a good idea to come, rather than rushing into one that does not feel right. Yehya learned how to build Chrome extensions and Logan learned a lot about React and Bootstrap

What's next for Learn

We both like the idea, but we likely will not pursue it any further.

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