As being freelancers we were facing the following problems ourselves

• Experts who want to build their team and take themselves one step further. • Beginners who are not getting a fair chance at other sites because of low profile.

What it does:

Our platform is a hybrid of an educational website and a freelance website which will give experts a chance to build their own team and take themselves one step further and will give a beginner a fair chance to compete in the market.

How we built it:

• Mentor Trains a Learner • Clients give project to Mentor • Mentor gives develops projects with his team that he trained

Challenges we ran into

• Why will a mentor join? o A mentor is someone who wants to build a workforce or a team which will eventually aid them when they have a more work to handle

• Why will a Client Bid? o The one who is bidding at the project is always an expert

• Why would a learner join? o A learner is given a free basic education that is required to build a simple freelance project as well as he can find projects very easily

What's next for Learn 2 Earn

Next Step would be Completing our android and ios applications

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