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Personally, I've always found myself trouble finding my school online classes links, like there is English class zoom link, here's another math class zoom link, its really confusing and less fun.

What it does

It is an AR platform that have the visual look of a school. Inside it, there's different AR classrooms such as Science lab, english room, math rooms and when users click in, it links the student to the following Google meet/zoom meetings.

How we built it

We used A-Frame to build the AR platform on HTML5 using Glitch as the coding environment. We also used flutter to build the web application and sucessfully implemented user authentication. We used Firebase for hosting the HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the backend was very challenging and did not yield much. And as beginners to all of the tech used, we had a hard time implementing the AR as well. Also we were at different timezones, making the entire process even more challenging. The Flutter application wasn't too difficult because there were team members with prior experience with the framework, however implementing the ARWorld into the Flutter application was tough as it doesn't natively support it. We also tried implementing WebRTC for the classrooms but found it challenging the backend was too egregious to route the APIs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fully functional AR school model with lots of tiny components to represent an actual school.

What we learned

A-Frame and Flutter. Also deploying with Firebase hosting. We also learnt some fundamentals of WebRTC as well.

What's next for leARn

Implement WebRTC for live classroooms inside the classrooms

Who did what

  • Shannon: VR classroom
  • Avinash: Backend and firebase
  • Yathavan: Flutter application and google signin

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