Our team brings together a host of skills and passions. Our interests and past projects have ranged from those tailored around networks to NLP to computer vision and beyond. Having had our appetites opened to the world of VR and AR earlier this year, we knew we wanted to engage with a new type of immersive experience.

Today, we bring you SmARt: a new way to learn. Smart helps you better understand the world and problems around you. By looking at a problem, you can ask it to provide a solution to a mathematical equation, plot it, and even email it to yourself or your friends to look at later. If you need some help, no worries! You can video chat with others from right in the app to help you solve your problem -- this would ideally be a tutor if we could organize such an in-app service. You can ask it for information about nearly any subject with the internet at your fingertips. SmARt can even teach you how to overcome the most difficult of intellectual challenges, solving a Rubik's cube (we were actually really close here but couldn't finally get it working :[). It analyzes the current state of the cube and provides a step by step solution so that you can learn to one day do it yourself.

The SmARt app runs on a Meta headset; it is built on python and displays a rails web app. We use MyScript for our Optical Character Recognition and pulled from a variety of open source libraries for some of our functionality such as the algorithm for solving the Rubik's cube. We pull data from Wikipedia and query google and Wolfram Alpha.

This is just the beginning for SmARt. With the potential to build applications in nearly every discipline and age group, from teaching students how to solve single-variable algebraic equations to helping researchers better visualize globular macro proteins, there's no limit to where we can go.

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