The idea behind this app was to make an easy, and aesthetically pleasing way to navigate through, visualize and analyze data that is laid out over a map. We felt that it would be cool to be able to live like Ironman or in Minority Report and use nothing but your hands to interact with data.

As such, we built LeapVis which utilizes a Leap Motion controller to control and interact with data that is visualized on a map.

Our target users would be those who want to perform analysis on geospatial data. We have currently loaded crime data from the Philadelphia area to generate heat maps about how many crimes occur in a certain area. Other interesting applications would be to plot weather data, travel routes, or density of diseases.

What sets this apart from being a pure visualization is the ability to interact with the data. Using tap gestures, we can select and interact with parts of the map to display other relevant information. We also added the capability for users to write to the database, and add their own points of information as time passes.

Please go to to check out our app (we're still waiting for our domain name to port over to Look under instructions to see how to navigate around if you don't have a Leap Motion.

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