What it does

LeapStart is a PC game using the Leap motion. LeapStart is a puzzle which challenges the player to go against their instinctive. The end goal of the game is to hit a final target while avoiding the obstacles around it.

How we built it

LeapStart was made using Unity where the scripts were written in C#. The scripts allow you to control the leap motion gestures which includes picking up a ball, throwing it at the target and resetting.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into hardware challenges throughout the hackathon as our final goal was to make it into a VR Game using Oculus Rift. We were told that a 1050 Graphics Card would work with the Oculus but when the time came, our laptops kept crashing and unfortunately we had no direct way of making a VR Game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A major accomplishment we are proud of is not giving up as after we found out that the Oculus Rift does not work with our laptops, we gave up, and didn't do anything until Saturday night, we decided to develop a game. The game didn't take too long but it was an accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned Unity/C# throughout the hackathon as none of us knew C# going into the hackathon but all of came out with basic and somewhat advanced knowledge of it.

What's next for LeapStart

Perhaps getting it to work as a VR Game would be a great idea as it was our initial idea but we couldn't pull through due to hardware problems.

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