Inspiration for this was to build a really cool way to interact with browsers rather than a traditional mouse pad. Leapper can be used across chrome browser on your devices and give you a awesome browsing experience.

What it does

Leapper is a chrome extension that lets you use Leap Motion to implement basic mouse controls on a web page.

How I built it

The first part was building Leapper to be more than just a gesture recognition software and use it in web browsing.

Challenges I ran into

As the Leap motion API provides specific finger tracking and gesture recognition without specific cursor controls, we had to find the right way to map it to a mouse.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our extension successfully lets the user scroll on the web page and use the point-select functionality.

What I learned

Some of us had no clue how Leap Motion works and how do we make it work as a browser extension, this hack has taught us to explore everything we can and motivated us to try hack new hardware.

What's next for Leapper

Leapper has a vast development scope with a room for more than one hardware so we will work in developing Leapper 2.0 version compatible with Muse or even Myo bands to incorporate more versatile gestures.

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