I'd been wanting to create a VR world builder for a while, and the Leap Motion 3D Jam provided the perfect opportunity!

How it works

Use your hands to spawn, scale, rotate, and place objects to create your own Japanese garden.

Challenges I ran into

Getting started with the Leap + Oculus was more challenging than I expected. Once my development setup was working the sailing was smoother. I ran into lots of hand tracking issues, however, the biggest one being false hands popping up where I didn't want them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The terraforming component was a last minute addition, but it's probably my favorite part. You can terraform the ground to reveal water underneath, and then drop a Koi in the pond :)

What I learned

Creating a successful app for the Leap probably requires a lot of beta testers. What worked for me didn't necessarily work for other users approaching the app for the first time.

What's next for LeapGarden

Nothing right now, perhaps in the future!

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